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I did clear all in chrome's setting->privacy, and then fully closed chrome and turned on the air mode. Then, reopen the chrome, visit the page that previously has been cached by HTML5 Offline and it worked

(I expect it to be broken, because I did clear all)

Looks like the only way to remove the application cache i am aware of is to uninstall/reinstall chrome app. But I suppose it's not the ideal way.

Does anybody know how to do that? much appreciated.

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  1. Click the right top setting button.
  2. Bottom Click "clear Browsing Data".
  3. Click clear cache from the next modal window.


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Open the AppCache Internals page of Chrome (chrome://appcache-internals/) and delete your app. The complete local storage will be wiped for that app.

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Hi, Thank you for your answer. Did you try to go into chrome://appcache-internals/ on iPad Chrome? As I was not able to reach that page. – Mark Zhou Aug 20 '13 at 0:38

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