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In Ant's build.xml, I use Ant's exec task to call svn with the args like this:

 <exec executable="svn" outputproperty="svnoutput" output="D:\log.txt">
    <arg line="ps svn:externals . -F E:\Dailybuild\${client_path}\text.txt"/>

And what in my text.txt file is:

 Res\Txt https://raphaelchen-pc1.****.com:8443/svn/QQSG_Resource/trunk

When I build my project with this build.xml, the output log shows:

 property 'svn:externals' set on '.'

It seems that I have set svn:externals to The path("Res\Txt") successfully,

but when I use TortoiseSvn to check whether this set works, there is nothing happened.

there is no property been set in my work copy.

Maybe the path(Res\Txt) int text.txt is not right?

Because when I use Windows's cmd to set this property, it succeed.

First I go to my work copy's directory(E:\Dailybuild\deployForDelta)

and execute svn ps command:

 svn ps svn:externals . -F E:\Dailybuild\deployForDelta\text.txt

Then use Tortoise SVN to check the results and find the property has been set.

Why the action in script does not work? Anyone can help me?

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what is in log.txt? what is the value of outputproperty? I suspect your svn command is failing. You'll want to add failonerror="true" to your exec task. Having said that... what are you actually doing? I find it usually bad to mix the build and the source control - particularly what you're doing (actually changing source). Does ant actually check it in too? –  thekbb Jul 31 '13 at 16:44

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Is the current directory (.) the svn working copy directory that you need to set a property to?

Maybe you need to add dir="${PATH_TO_YOUR_SVN_WORKING_COPY}" to the <exec> task.

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thank u. the directory to be set is wrong and I confused how to solve this problem. –  Don Raphae Aug 2 '13 at 9:29

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