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How to resolve list memory problem?


    class Data {
        public: static Data * instance ;    
            list<int> preVar;
            static Data * createData() ;


Data * Data::instance = Data::createData();
Data::Data() { }

    Data * Data::createData(){                  
        Data * tmp = (Data*)malloc(sizeof(Data));
        tmp->preVar.clear();     // ERROR
        return tmp;

Debug point is (error) int list.tcc : __cur = static_cast<_Node*>(__cur->_M_next);

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What made you think you can create objects with malloc like that? –  Benjamin Lindley Jul 31 '13 at 3:42

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malloc does not construct objects, it simply allocates memory, thus preVar object is not fully constructed, accessing it invoke undefined behavior.

Always use new in C++!!!

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