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Hello gurus out there.

I am trying to add subdocuments through a dynamic array. Following is something I want to achieve. Not able to understand how to get array create subdocuments instead of getting it to print JSON code written in double quotes. I understand why it is printing code but not able tell the program to convert the string into subdocuments.

Thank you for looking.

rec = {
    '_id' : 1,
    'class' : 'Python'

rec['students'] = "[{'name':'Jack','marks':90},{'name':'Jill', marks: 80}]"

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you have to quote keys in your dictionary, key marks in second element of list refer to variable marks which is not defined. Try this:

rec = {
    '_id' : 1,
    'class' : 'Python'

rec['students'] = [{'name': 'Jack', 'marks': 90}, {'name': 'Jill', 'marks': 80}]

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It worked !!!!!! Thank you very much for quick help. How stupid of me for not thinking of removing double quotes. Again thank you. Have a good day ahead. –  user2629996 Jul 31 '13 at 5:01

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