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In vim, buffer can be split horizontally or vertically by :sp or :vsp. And a buffer can be closed by :q.

Likewise in emacs, window can be split horizontally by C-x 2, and vertically by C-x 3. And close all other window by C-x 1.

But, how can I close only one window, like :q in vim?

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Try C-x 0, delete-window. This is what C-h k describes:

(delete-window &optional WINDOW)

Remove WINDOW from its frame.
WINDOW defaults to the selected window.  Return nil.
Signal an error when WINDOW is the only window on its frame.
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There is delete-window which is binded to C-x 0 by default.

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You can do Ctrl-x 0 to close current window, which is the default binding for delete-window

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