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My goal is to periodically update a position of a track, rendered in Google Earth Plugin. I am using a GWT-based web app and a servlet that produces KML updates. First I create a Placemark with a <gx:Track/> and a specific ID, then I push <Create/> elements with new <when/> and <gx:coord/> - similar to how it is done here. The updates are fetched by GE plugin and I see that the time slider is updated - the time span is longer each time an update occurs. However, GE does not show the latest position, I have to move the slider manually to see the most recent position. Is there a way to force GE to do it automatically? I was thinking of using <gx:Multitrack/>, but then read somewhere that it's not supported by the plugin. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. I wish there was more documentation on using NetworkLinkControl updates with <gx:Track/>, but all I've been able to find are random forum posts.

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Why don't you also update the time using something like this

        var newTime = // the time/date of the update
        var timeStamp = ge.createTimeStamp('');
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