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I was reading a post from you about a [3334:303] File read error error while trying to upload files via SimpleFTP source code. I am experiencing the same problem, I am using SimpleFTPUpload on a Mac Os X project. The file exists but when it gets to

bytesRead = [self.fileStream read:self.buffer maxLength:kSendBufferSize];

bytesread returns -1 and the apps gives the "[3334:303] File read error" error.

Did you happen to find a solution for this ?

many thanks,

Alfonso Tesauro Mac Os Developer

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From what you've said, I take it that SimpleFTP is an OpenSource project.

In the code for that project, look for:

File read error

and see what's in that region.

Another idea is to add a:

NSLog(@"%@", errorReason);

Where errorReason is whatever is holding the error number at the time. Without details on the SimpleFTP scripts, one can't ascertain what's going on.

File read error

Is an ambiguous error and isn't a standard debugger error.

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