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I have *.shb file (probably document link) from Lotus Notes and I need to map it somehow to concrete e-mail and then process it. How can I receive mail from *.shb?

Note: I use C#, but it could be in any language.

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shb is a shortcut that opens a specific document in Windows when double-clicked; executed by the Windows Shell Scrap Object Handler (shscrap.dll). It's similar to a .LNK file, but not as commonly used; also known as a "Windows Shortcut into a Document."

See here, maybe this thread will provide more info:

So, apparently, the shb file is created when you drag-and-drop a Notes document into a Windows context.

What do you see when you open a shb file in text editor? If you can see some of the formats like this

- Link description:

Application 'MailDb', View 'Inbox', Document 'Doc Subject'

- db replica ID:


- View id / Document ID:


you could construct URLs that would open in either web browser or Lotus Notes client and open the database > view > document by appending this to your Domino server's url (for web browser) or to "notes://server" (for Notes client) :


See here for more info on Lotus Domino URL construction rules:

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