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I am learning cocoa app development.I want NSTableview with 1 textfield which must be editable,1 Imageview,1 button.

I have dragged Image&Text Table Cell View in NSTableview Column and deleted default controls and added my controls and using subclass of NSTableCellView with outlets of all controls and getting access as below

- (NSView *)tableView:(NSTableView *)tableView viewForTableColumn:(NSTableColumn  *)tableColumn row:(NSInteger)row {

  MyCell *cellView = [tableView makeViewWithIdentifier:tableColumn.identifier owner:[tableView delegate]];
  cellView.MyCellImgVW.image=[NSImage imageNamed:@"ClipArtThumb36.png"];
//cellView.MyCellTxtFld.stringValue=[[self.arrData objectAtIndex:row] objectForKey:@"id"];
 [cellView.MyCellTxtFld setBackgroundColor:[NSColor yellowColor]];
 [cellView.MyCellBtn setTarget:self];
 [cellView.MyCellBtn setAction:@selector(ButtonClickedForcell:)];
 [cellView.MyCellBtn setTag:row];

 return cellView;


Everything is fine except textfield is not editable.How to make it editable?? Please guide with the same.Is this the correct way to implement customcell?

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I got a solution to this issue.I was returning NO in selectionShouldChangeInTableView to make selection style none,That was disabling my textfiled selection too. But is this this the correct way to implement customcell in NSTableview? –  cjd Jul 31 '13 at 8:39
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