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I'm trying to create a mapcontrol, and I would need to split the current boundingrectangle into 25 pieces, and now I realized there is no boundingrectangle like it was in the wp7 version.

How do I solve this problem than? I would avoid using Nokia maps if possible.

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    private LocationRectangle GetMapBounds()
        GeoCoordinate topLeft = mapControl.ConvertViewportPointToGeoCoordinate(new Point(0, 0));
        GeoCoordinate bottomRight = mapControl.ConvertViewportPointToGeoCoordinate(new Point(mapControl.ActualWidth, mapControl.ActualHeight));

        if (topLeft != null && bottomRight != null)
            return LocationRectangle.CreateBoundingRectangle(new[] { topLeft, bottomRight });

        return null;
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