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I have the DN of a user in Active Directory, I want to get the "NT style" domain\user from this. The sAMAccountname AD property gives me the user part, but what about the domain?


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How about using --> System.Security.Principal.NTAccount.ToString()

See msdn info about it here: NTAccount.ToString()

This should return a string in the format of domain\user... is this what you are after?

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You can get it by taking the last part of the user DN (DC=domain,DC=local) and adding CN=Partitions,CN=Configuration, before.

Then do a subtree search for (&(nCName="DC=domain,DC=local")(nETBIOSName=*)) with CN=Partitions, CN=Configuration, DC=domain, DC=local as the starting point; the entry you get back will have the NETBIOS name of the domain in the nETBIOSName-attribute.

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Thanks, that looks good. However, I am guaranteed to only get ONE value for this search? –  Henrik Dec 6 '09 at 12:56
If you have multiple domains in your forrest, you'll need to include the domain you're after in your search; I've modified my reply to take this into account. –  Per Noalt Dec 7 '09 at 8:13

The easiest way to do this conversion is through the DsCrackNames API. You specify the input format and output format and it does the conversion for you.

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