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I'm working on candlesticks (highStock). Is there any function through which I can change color of individual candlesticks based on Open/close values ? by default it gives blue and white color, i.e. if opening values are greater then closing values then color will be blues , and if closing value is greater then opening values then color will be white. but i want to apply green and red color instead on blue and white. also i want to apply white color if the closing price is same as opening. any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance ;)

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You can find your answer from the below link:

Highstock Docs for candlestick chart



plotOptions: {
 candlestick: {
            color: 'green',
            upColor: 'red'
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thank you Dh... , this is exactly what i was looking for :) –  Omar Jul 31 '13 at 10:56

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