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I am developing windows phone app which require to save multiple contact. I have store the contact in list. I want to save the contact one by one.

Here is my code

  var data = from q in document.Descendants("Contact")
                   select new ContactList
                       DisplayName = q.Element("Name").Value,
                       Email = !string.IsNullOrEmpty(q.Element("Email").Value) ? q.Element("Email").Value : " ",
                       Address = !string.IsNullOrEmpty(q.Element("Address").Value) ? q.Element("Address").Value : " ",
                       //PhoneNumber = m.PhoneNumbers.FirstOrDefault()
                       PhoneNumber = !string.IsNullOrEmpty(q.Element("PhoneNumber").Value) ? q.Element("PhoneNumber").Value : " "

        ContactList con = null;            
        SaveContactList = new List<ContactList>();

        foreach (var c in data)
            con = new ContactList();
            con.DisplayName = c.DisplayName;
            con.Address = c.Address;
            con.Email = c.Email;
            con.PhoneNumber = c.PhoneNumber;                

Here I have store all contact in SaveContactList. Now I want to save all these contact. How can I save these contact ?

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If you are trying to save them to Windows Phone Phonebook - there is no way to save all contacts at a time.

You can only save them 1 by 1, you may use foreach

Sample to save contact:

var phoneCallTask = new PhoneCallTask
            DisplayName = ContactName.Text,
            PhoneNumber = phonetext.Text
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