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I know there are some great sites like, kissr which allows to host the site from the dropbox.

Well in my case, I don't want to use site 44 or kissr to host my site from dropbox. Is there a any API or some sort of tool that will allow me to connect my site and the dropbox ?.

I have a site where I need to make a client and at the time of creating a client, I need to create individual folder designated to each client. Of course, I am able to do that with HTML form and PHP. But now, what I am planning is, to create a folder and save some file in it in dropbox and eventually syncing those newly created folder in my site...

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I can tell you how Site44 works, which is to poll the /delta API:

Instead of doing that, you could fetch data on-demand. So your website code could read files from Dropbox only when they're requested, which would save you the difficulty of polling /delta and keeping a local copy up-to-date.

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