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I will cut the post short.

I need to accept credit card payment through my Magento Install. Now I thought it should be straight forward where I will get the API from some provider (say Authorize.net) and put in my API details within the admin, but alas.

When I searched, all I find is that people are trying to create Custom Payment Gateways instead of using Magento's own admin. I am new to this and I need help in this.

I will be thankful if you can help me in finding answers for:-

  • What is the straight forward way (a tutorial may be) to implement payment gateway on my website
  • What is the best payment gateway company
  • Do I need to make Custom Payment Gateway?

Thanks a lot

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as my knowledge authorize.net gate way is best payment gateway for magento,because it is already used by so many developers and there is a great community forum to help us.So as my suggestion better to use authorize.net.

coming to integration method you,use authorize.net*AMI* method. In Magento Admin System->Configuration->Payment Method You can see Authorize.net payment Method in that you can Customize with your AUthorize.net API Login information.please go through this authorize.net link for more details.

hope this may help you,thank you very much

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how about Indian payment gateways, will it support. –  Rafee Nov 27 '13 at 19:54

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