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I have an issue with IE 9+. I have a complex javascript loaded async and which is supposed to make a GET request on the "onload" event.

To define the listener

MY.addEventListener("load", myfunction, false);

MY.addEventListener = function(sType, callback, bCapture) {
  if ( "undefined" != typeof(window.attachEvent) ) {
     return window.attachEvent("on" + sType, callback);
  else if ( window.addEventListener ){
     return window.addEventListener(sType, callback, bCapture);

With break points, I saw that on IE, it uses this :

window.attachEvent("onload", myfunction);

I think it's correct. It works on all of my customer's website except for one :

On this website, there is a javscript error:

SCRIPT5007: Can not read the property  « split » of null or undefined

I think this javascript error avoid the "onload" event to be fired. How can I do to detect the "onload" event even if the page has JS errors.

Do I have an alternative?

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Try using <body onload="myfunction();"> (unless you can't load it that late).

I would bet it's supported in a more universal way.

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Can not do that, my customers install a js script on their code. They do not modify their code. –  Sebastien Jul 31 '13 at 9:44
It most likely fails because if the conflict with jQuery. Can you just hitch a ride by calling $(document).ready(); It will not overwrite their Ready() code. –  Grallen Jul 31 '13 at 10:08
My script do not use jQuery, it's pure javascript. –  Sebastien Jul 31 '13 at 11:40

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