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I am building a backbone app at the moment, I am having a trouble getting my views to render correctly - I have a problem in that if I render a view it breaks to of my other views it is very strange and have never encountered a problem like this before this 2 bits of code work perfectly,

loadFileView: function() {

        var fileView = new app.ProjectFilesView;



addTasks: function() {

    var taskWrapper = new app.TaskViewOverview({
            projectId: app.project.get('id'),
            parentId: app.project.get('id'),
            parentType: 'project'



    //toggle off completed
    // taskWrapper.$el.find('#completed.label').trigger('click');

    // var e = $.Event("click");
    // e.currentTarget = taskWrapper.$el.find('#completed.label');
    // taskWrapper.toggleState(e);


These work fine until I add this following code,

loadItem: function(item) {
    var itemView = new app.ItemView({
        model: item



The code above actually calls, this code,

render: function(item) {

    //item.set('item_total_task_count', item.get('item_tasks').length);
    //render the stuff

        item: item.toJSON(),
        p: app.project.toJSON(),
        subItem: app.items.contains(item)
    //add the tasks

    //sort the sub items
    this.model.set('subItems', new Items, {
        silent: true

    this.listenTo(this.model.get('subItems'), 'add', this.loadNewItem);
    this.listenTo(this.model.get('subItems'), 'change add', this.calculateProgress);

    if (this.model.get('sub_items') !== undefined) {
        this.model.get('subItems').reset(this.model.get('sub_items'), {
            silent: true




    return this;

I cannot understand why running the loadItem function would break the loadFileView and addTasks functions? There are not errors in the console or any logs.

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What do you mean "break the loadFileView and addTasks"? Do not work call loadFileView and addTasks? Or no any changes when call? Check this.$el.find('article.project_files').length > 0 after calling loadItem(and .tab-content) –  Sergey Jul 31 '13 at 10:23
this.$el.find('article.project_files').length > 0 returns true so the elements that I trying to render my views in exist. –  Udders Jul 31 '13 at 10:40

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