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Using Jira Issue Search, I have two custom date fields in my project. I want a filter that returns the issue with the earliest date from field 1. I want another filter to return issue with latest date from field 2.

Has anybody done a query similar before. I dont know the correct syntax and checking on Atlassian documents doesnt mention anything about max or min.

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You can create your own JQL functions using a free plugin such as Script Runner.

To get the data from Jira database, find the id of your custom field using

select * from customfield

Then use something like this

    , summary
    , datevalue

    customfieldvalue c
    , jiraissue i

    and c.customfield = 10071 
    and c.datevalue in (select min(datevalue) from customfieldvalue where customfield = 10071)
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This works. thanks –  KeithC Aug 7 '13 at 8:24
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Run the query and sort by the date field. First row is the max or min

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