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I'm using card.io ios sdk for credit card scanning.

Is it possible to get credit card type(ie, whether it is Amercan Express or Master or visa) using card.io?

What are all the other possible details from credit card that we can get using card.io?

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I have no experience of using card.io.
But your question got me all curious about this API. In github, I found it and in there, there is a file: CardIOCreditCardInfo.h

// Derived from cardNumber.
// When provided by card.io, cardType will not be CardIOCreditCardTypeUnrecognized or CardIOCreditCardTypeAmbiguous.
@property(nonatomic, assign, readonly) CardIOCreditCardType cardType;

Hope this helps. I am trying to learn this, if it doesnot help you please tell me.

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Josh from card.io here. Take a look at the CardIOCreditCardInfo header. The cardType is derived from the cardNumber, and from there you can get localized display strings and logos.

In general, card.io keeps its integration docs to a minimum, just the core product, but exposes extra goodies in the headers.

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Try this:

CardIOCreditCardInfo *crediCard = [[CardIOCreditCardInfo alloc] init];
crediCard.cardNumber = @"CARD NUMBER";
imageView.image = [CardIOCreditCardInfo logoForCardType:[crediCard cardType]];
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Good to see the card type logo from card io library itself. – NAZIK Jun 11 '15 at 4:55

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