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using something along the lines of:

background:url() no-repeat center center;}

is fine but I want to be able to provide graceful degradation (the css assertion is through javascript) when base64 is not available.

obviously, IE prior to v8 lacks this functionality so I could go by browser - but i'd prefer to have it feature detected, if possible.

any ideas on how do go about doing it?

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This might be what you are looking for :

I worked on a script that adds a partial support of the DataURI scheme in IE6+ : and the code is here :

IE5+ supports a sort of data URI too, it is but not always possible to use it :

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+1 for the linked approach, that's a clean, handy way to check – curtisk Nov 25 '09 at 13:28
thanks, does the business just great :) – Dimitar Christoff Nov 25 '09 at 13:54

Using the above to extend the mootools Browser.Features object (if anyone finds it useful, modernizr does not support it) or

(function() {
    Browser.Features.base64 = null;
    var callback = function() {
        Browser.Features.base64 = this.width == 1 && this.height == 1;        
        // alert(Browser.Features.base64); // true || false

    var img = new Image(), img = || new Element("img");
    img.onload = img.onerror = img.onabort = callback;
    // 1x1 px gif to test with
    img.src = "";

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Found this plugin for Modernizr on their wiki

  var data = new Image();
  data.onload = data.onerror = function(){
    return (this.width == 1 && this.height == 1);
  data.src = "";
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