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I've added a bower package into my project root. I'm using bower so it's easier to manage the updates for each component (one of bower's features). However I got this message after install:

no-json No bower.json file to save to

A few things:

— There is in fact a bower.json file w/i the component's folder. Should there be a global project bower.json file?

— Will this error mean the package will not update?

— The project is a WordPress project using the "WordPress-Starter-Theme" (which uses grunt to handle compass, etc). Is grunt interfering? Do I need to add anything into Gruntfile.js to manage Bower?

Thanks in advance.

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You can run

bower init

to create the json file in the current directory.


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The bower.json file should always be in the root of your project folder. Furthermore, the file shouldn't be within the bower_components folder, because bower is responsible for creating this folder itself.

The error means that if you run bower install --save, the dependencies won't be recorded in your bower.json. This is a bad idea, because you lose the big benefit a package manager provides.

Grunt and Bower work completely independent from one-another, you don't have to change anything regarding your Grunt setup to use grunt.

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you installed on root means WP roots as you mentioned that you are trying to use Bower for your wordpress theme. So just create .bowerrc file in wordpress root and write the following code in .bowerrc file.

    "directory": "wp-content/themes/yourthemefolder/ui-libraries"

and now create bower.json also in your root and as usual write down all the dependency names there. You can read more details from Bower configuration overriding with .bowerrc

Let me know if that helps.

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