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Some of the products in Magento have suddenly disappeared from backend and frontend. When I try to re-create these products I get this error:

The value of attribute "SKU" must be unique

So the products must still exist somewhere in the DB.

I already tried the following without luck:

  • Truncate all catalog_product_flat tables
  • ReIndex all indexes
  • Refresh all Caches
  • Checked the "status" attribute of the product in Mysql (it was set to 1)

Any ideas how I can get these products back in the frontend/backend?

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Try checking the following tables:

  • catalog_product_entity
  • catalog_product_entity_datetime
  • catalog_product_entity_decimal
  • catalog_product_entity_gallery
  • catalog_product_entity_group_price
  • catalog_product_entity_int
  • catalog_product_entity_media_gallery
  • catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_value
  • catalog_product_entity_text
  • catalog_product_entity_tier_price
  • catalog_product_entity_varchar

You can find the sku in the catalog_product_entity table.

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