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select extract(day from age('2013-04-06','2013-04-04'));`

gives me the no of days ! i.e.: 2 days

but it failed when I have a differnt month:

select extract(day from age('2013-05-02','2013-04-01'));

So what I need is to get the no of days as 32 days

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Subtraction seems more intuitive.

select '2013-05-02'::date - '2013-04-01'::date

Run this query to see why the result is 31 instead of 32

with dates as (
  select generate_series('2013-04-01'::date, '2013-05-02'::date, '1 day')::date as end_date,
                         '2013-04-01'::date as start_date
select end_date, start_date, end_date - start_date as difference
from dates
order by end_date

The difference between today and today is zero days. Whether that matters is application-dependent. You can just add 1 if you need to.

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its very useful :-) thank u @Mike Sherrill 'Catcall' – 09Q71AO534 Jul 31 '13 at 13:11

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