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I am trying to create a couple of static pages on a Tumblr blog I am creating. However when using the html option for creating a static page, whenever I try to submit html with inline-styling Tumblr deletes it, for example

<div style="margin-top:35px;">



on submitting.

Is this just how Tumblr is set up or is there something I am missing here?

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Tumblr will detele inline styling if you're using the Standard Layout, just switch to Custom Layout and you'll be able to write any HTML that you want

Custom Layout

Result here:

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I realised this about 5 minutes after posting, it's not an ideal answer but it will do! Thanks for your quick response – Thomas Pryor Jul 31 '13 at 14:06
No problem, please mark this as the answer if you found it useful. Thanks! – Valentin Jul 31 '13 at 14:55

To be able to add inline CSS to posts you need to first change the default Text editor in the Tumblr settings... usually changing to a Plain text/HTML as opposed to the RichText edit will do the trick.

After editing and publishing a post - it's probably useful to change the default text edit back to Richtext.

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