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My question is actually a design problem. I am using python + selenium for automation. PyUnit is the unit framework used. I have a sheet in an excel where I have 2 columns- TestCaseID and Run. TestCaseID will have the testcase id in it and Run will have either Y or N signifying whether that test case should be runnable or not. What I am trying to do is read a particular test case Id from this sheet and see what does it have as it's run value, Y or N. If it is Y, then this test case will be executed by the unit framework else it will not be run.

Here is an excerpt of a test case that I have written:

`class Test_ID_94017(unittest.TestCase):

ex = Excel()
def setUp(self):
    if self.ex.getTestCaseRunStatusFromExcel("94017") == "Y":
        self.driver = Browser().createBrowserDriver()

def test_CCPD_Regression001_PER_Custom_Check(self):
    //do something

The definition for getTestCaseRunStatusFromExcel(testCaseId) method is:

`def getTestCaseRunStatusFromExcel(self, testCaseId):

    while self.workSheet.cell_value(i,0).value != testCaseId:
    return self.workSheet.cell_value(i,1).value

Here are the problems I am facing:

  1. How should I give a condition in my existing code so that only for Y, my test case executes? Should I give an if condition in setUp method for that test case class as I have mentioned in my code above?

  2. Is the way in which I am trying to iterate over the rows in a column (of the excel sheet) correct until I find my testcase ID and get its corresponding Run value (Y or N)?

Please help!

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I implemented similar design for selenium+testng suite. After reading the execution flags from excel, i create the testng.xml dynamically and run the same xml. TestNG provides features for xml to be created and executed dynamically. Not sure if you have anything similar in PyUnit. I hope this gives you some ideas.

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Sorry but I didnt understand your solution. How is the dynamically generated xml helping you to control your test case execution flow? – Praveen Pandey Aug 1 '13 at 9:19
Only the scripts marked for execution in excel are added to the dynamically generated xml. – Akbar Aug 1 '13 at 10:47

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