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I am rewriting some of my javascript files to get rid of the jQuery and use Google Closure instead. I have got a date picker which a user can toggle to show or to hide. At the moment the following code is being used:

if ( == open)
    return false;

$(this.elDatePicker).toggle(open); = open;
return true;

Where el.DatePicker is the element with the date picker inside, in this case a div.

I am looking for a way to rewrite this piece of code to change the jQuery to Google Closure. Any idea's how this should be possible?

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You should be able to do, !;

Source: Google Closure Style.js Doc

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You could use the Zippy class without a header element,

this.zippy = new goog.ui.AnimatedZippy(null, this.elDatePicker);


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For reference

With no parameters, the .toggle() method simply toggles the visibility of elements:

Source :

if so then setting either display none or visibility : hidden/visible. should be sufficient.

you can use, style, opt_value)

here is a jsbin link :

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If you want to toggle a specific CSS clas, you can use:

goog.dom.classlist.toggle(element, 'className');
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