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I'm working on Cloudsim.i want to change findHostForVm() method of PowerVmAllocationPolicyAbstract class for my own work.i change findHostForVm() to abstract method that expressed in the following

public abstract class PowerVmAllocationPolicyAbstract extends VmAllocationPolicy {
    public PowerVmAllocationPolicyAbstract(List<? extends Host> list) {
    public abstract PowerHost   findHostForVm(Vm vm) ;

and in my own class I wrote findHostForVm(Vm vm) .when I create instance from powerDatacenter ,one parameter need to refer PowerVmAllocationPolicyAbstract .i wrote in the following

public class D{
  public PowerHost findHostForVm(List<Vm>  vmlist) {
    powerDatacenter = new PowerDatacenter(
                new D(),
                 new LinkedList<Storage>(),

but it has error.this error is:

constructor PowerDatacenter in class org.cloudbus.cloudsim.power.PowerDatacenter cannot            be applied to given types;
   required:    java.lang.String,org.cloudbus.cloudsim.DatacenterCharacteristics,org.cloudbus.cloudsim.VmAl       locationPolicy,java.util.List<org.cloudbus.cloudsim.Storage>,double
    found:     java.lang.String,org.cloudbus.cloudsim.DatacenterCharacteristics,cs.umu.se.vmp.alg.    D,java.util.LinkedList<org.cloudbus.cloudsim.Storage>,double
   reason: actual argument cs.umu.se.vmp.alg. D  cannot be converted to    org.cloudbus.cloudsim.VmAllocationPolicy by method invocation conversion

please help me what should i do? thanks a lot

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Did you intend your D class to actually extend PowerVmAllocationPolicyAbstract? –  jtahlborn Jul 31 '13 at 20:29
To do this, it would be D extends PowerVmAllocationPolicyAbstract. –  jpmc26 Jul 31 '13 at 22:21
When I extends D class of PowerVmAllocationPolicyAbstract it has error that D class is not abstract and dosent override abstract method And when extends from PowerVmAllocationPolicySimple that this class as also extends from PowerVmAllocationPolicyAbstract it Still had error Please help me what should I do ? Thanks a lot –  user2177820 Aug 1 '13 at 6:52
@user2177820 - you should implement the abstract methods (like the error says). i would imagine your problem comes from attempting to override a method which takes a single Vm with one which takes a List<Vm> (which is overloading, not overriding). one way to protect yourself from these kind of mistakes is to use the @Override annotation. –  jtahlborn Aug 3 '13 at 17:16

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