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I'am new to Autobahn and Websockets. I'm trying to build the following setup:

  • processing service (Java based blackbox):

    • waits for data from twitter's streaming api
    • if new messages are recieved, a message is send to the mainservice (ws://localhost:9999) {id, latitude, longitude}
    • does some magic processing with the data (which can take a few minutes)
  • mainservice listening on ws://localhost:9999 for incomming messages from processing service

    • if message comes in (from processing service), they are broadcasted to the clients connected on ws://:9000
  • javascript clients connected to mainservice on ws://:9000 displaying the messages on a map

Is it possible to write the mainservice with Autobahn listening on one port and delivering messages over another port? (From a performance view it might be better to combine the processing and the mainservice...but that shouldn't be the point here.)

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Sure, you can run multiple services on different ports or you can run multiple services on 1 port. For the latter, see here. For the former, just create multiple factories and call listenWs multiple times.

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Thanks for the advice. – user2638109 Aug 1 '13 at 13:34

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