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Very beginner question but haven't been able to come up with answer after reading various help resources.

I have a table group_affiliations which is a joining table between the tables users and groups. Relevant columns: Id, user_id, group_id. I am doing a data cleanup where users were assigned a group_id based on a location which used to be a 3 character abbreviation of a city but has since gone to spelling out full city (ex: a group_id for CHA was previously assigned and now a group_id for Charlotte). Most users currently have both group_ids associated with their user_id but some still only have the old group_id and were never assigned the new one.

What is the most efficient way of finding which ids are in this result set:

select user_id from group_affiliations where group_id=OldId;

and not in this result set:

select user_id from group_affiliations where group_id=NewId;
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Are OldId and NewId fields on group_affiliations? If so, if a NewId has not been assigned, would it be NULL? Can you add some sample data to the question? –  Mark Bannister Jul 31 '13 at 14:10
Sorry, should have been more clear. OldId and NewID aren't fields. I was just using those as a place holder. –  user2018794 Jul 31 '13 at 14:17

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how about using a JOIN

SELECT g1.'user_id' 
from 'group_affiliations' g1
inner join 'group_affiliations' g2 
on g2.'group_id' != NewId
and g2.'group_id' = OldId
and g1.'user_id'=g2.'user_id'
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SELECT 'user_id' 
from 'group_affiliations' 
where 'group_id' = OldId 
and 'group_id' != NewId
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