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I'm wanting to do pagination, I'm using PostgreSQL. To avoid doing the query twice, I'm using the feature described at

How can I add the full_count column to the list of columns fetched in my query. I can use query.add_columns, but that column is not accessible after calling query.all()

Is this possible in SQLAlchemy?

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Can you provide the original code for the query you want to augment? Are you using SQLAlchemy core or declarative ORM? For the latter it will look like this:

from sqlalchemy import func

items = session.query(Model, func.count().over().label('full_count')).all()
obj = items[0].Model
count = items[0].full_count
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I'm not sure what I was doing before, but it definitely wasn't what you've suggested. Your solution was exactly what I needed. – axon Aug 14 '13 at 14:36
Is there a way to do this where the 'full_count' field gets placed directly on the Model? So items[0] would return the same as items[0].Model in your example above, except that items[0].full_count would contain the result of the func.count()? – shroud Apr 9 '15 at 23:04

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