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I am trying to run a maven release build from Jenkins using M2 Release Plugin with git.

Jenkins has read-only access to the git repository, so I need to specify credentials manually during the build. They are passed to the maven release plugin via -Dusername=\*\*\*\* -Dpassword=\*\*\*\*, which creates scm.username and scm.password in release.properties when I run release:prepare and release:perform manually and in order.

However, these seem to be ignored by the release:perform task.

Is there any other way to get the maven release plugin to accept credentials in the build?

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You're hitting MRELEASE-832, which is regression since 2.4. So you have to wait for the next release or fall back to 2.3.2

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If I am not mistaken the described behavior also occurs in earlier versions of the maven release plugin. I have given up (I am using a workaround right now), so I don't know if I will ever check it again. –  0x89 Aug 5 '13 at 13:38

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