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Is it possible to use time_ago_in_words with i18n.locale?



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If you are using Rails > 2.2, the helper is already locale-aware.

Just download the right localization file from the locale repository and store it into your /config/locales path. Then set your locale preferences.

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Avoid doing it on the server and try it on the client instead by using the jQuery timeago plugin. Timeago has support for i18n.

This turns this:

<abbr class="timeago" title="2008-07-17T09:24:17Z">July 17, 2008</abbr>

Into this:

<abbr class="timeago" title="July 17, 2008">about a year ago</abbr>

And supports language overrides.

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Although awkward at first sight, doing this on client side has one very clear advantage: time info on your page never gets noncurrent (in case that you save page for offline access, for example). Search engines also shouldn't be interested in "humanized" version of timestamps. –  Mladen Jablanović Nov 25 '09 at 17:17

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