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I've created a NuGet package that contains some custom MSBuild tasks named MyCompany.MSBuild. These tasks have a dependency on Newtonsoft.Json. This means that after my package is installed in a project, Newtonsoft.Json.dll will have to be in the same directory as MyCompany.MSBuild.dll.

I could easily accomplish this by bundling my own copy of Newtonsoft.Json.dll in my package, but I wonder if there's a better way that means I won't have to update my package whenever a new version of Newtonsoft.Json comes out.

If I declare Newtonsoft.Json as a dependency, NuGet will install that package into the project when somebody installs my package, which isn't what I want to have happen.

How can I specify a dependency in my package without having NuGet install it and add project references? Additionally, how can I copy that package's assembly to my own package's folder after it is installed?

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A package with a "hidden" dependency is something absolutely undesiderable in my opinion...

I know it's not a real answer but... Have you considered to use JavascriptSerializer instead of Newtonsoft.Json? It's a bit slower but your package will be absolutely self-contained: less pain for you and for your users.

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