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I've built a Wordpress site that has a product page which retrieves product info from an external system using the querystring id passed in. So www.domain.com/product/?id=n loads the Wordpress product page which then loads the product info using the id.

This works fine.

However, I want to rewrite this URL so that:

www.domain.com/product/productname/id retrieves www.domain.com/product/?id=n

When I add the following to htaccess, the page returns a 404 because it doesn't exist in Wordpress.

RewriteRule ^product/productname/(.*)$ ^product/?id=$1 [L]

Does anyone know how to write this rule in such a way that it doesn't get hijacked by Wordpress rewriting?

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Nothing to add other than I'm looking to do something similar and would love to hear if anyone has any insights on this... –  Chris Ferdinandi Jul 31 '13 at 16:49

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After doing some additional searching, I've found some links that may help you get started. The secret lies in WordPress's add_rewrite_ruleshook. Haven't tried these myself yet, but looks promising:

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