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I am using Fedora 10 linux. I want to put license agreement for my spec file. Actually I have created rpm for my application. So my application gets installed perfectly without asking for license agreement. I want whenever i will install RPM then i should get license and if i agree then only installation should proceed. How to achieve this type of functionality in my RPM.

Thanks Sunil Kumar Sahoo

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You don't.

rpm is designed around batch, non-interactive operation.

If you should use a EULA, then present it in the first application run by each user.

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Hi I have installed jdk1.6 rpm in my computer in fedora linux. there I have to accept terms and condition to make my software installable on my computer – Sunil Kumar Sahoo Nov 26 '09 at 11:44

Take the idea which i have used for Solaris pacakge.
Hope it helps.

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