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my task is to add multiple series dynamically and update series data dynamically. my data is loaded with ajax request.

i have used the logic given on highcharts side to update the data dynamically. but addpoint is not adding points to series dont know why, when i checked the series object, it has data but dirtyfiled is set to true (dont know the reason)

code given below is used to load data dynamically. here problem is add point, it is not adding data to graph. series object is showing isDirty :true isDirtyData:true.

i think this isDirty has something to deal with. please help me out. facing this problem for quite a long time .

from_date=new Date().getTime()-60000;
        function requestData ()
                              console.log("into request data")

                                   console.log("into success")
                                  var id=sub_type+sub_type_parameter
                                  var series = chart.get(id)

                                  shift = series.data.length > 150; // shift if the series is longer than 300 (drop oldest point)
                                      response= $.parseJSON(response)

                                      var x=sub_type;
                                      //console.log(new Date(all_data[all_data.length-1][0]),'latest timestamp')
//                                      series.addPoint(all_data,false,shift);
                                       console.log("series name:",series.data.length,series.name)
                                      for (var i = 0; i < all_data.length; i++)
                                          series.addPoint({ x: all_data[i][0],y: all_data[i][1],id: i},false,shift);
                                      console.log("hey",series.data.length )
                                       console.log("out of success")

                                  setTimeout(requestData, 60000);



                            console.log("out of request ")


below functin is used to draw highchart,here onload event is used to load data dynamically.

                       $(function (

) {
                               console.log("into highcharts")
                                 chart = new Highcharts.Chart({
                        chart: {
                            renderTo: 'container',
                            defaultSeriesType: 'spline',
                            events: {
                                load: requestData
                        title: {
                            text: 'cpu Usage'
                        xAxis: {
                            type: 'datetime',
                            tickPixelInterval: 150,
                            maxZoom: 20 * 1000
                        yAxis: {
                            minPadding: 0.2,
                            maxPadding: 0.2,
                            title: {
                                text: 'Value',
                                margin: 80
                        series: [{
                            name: 'CPU',
                            data: []
                               console.log("out of highcharts")

chart = $('#container').highcharts();

this is the code to add axis dynamically.

        var flag=true
                    console.log("entering into cpu",sub_type,flag)
//                    all_data = response.response.data[sub_type]
//                    itemdata=[]
//                    for(i in all_data)
//                    {
//                        itemdata.push(all_data[i][1])
//                    }
//                    console.log(itemdata[0])
//                    console.log("Drawing trend")

                     chart.addAxis({ // Primary yAxis

                              labels: {
                                  formatter: function() {
                                      return this.value;
                                  style: {
                                      color: '#89A54E'
                              title: {
                                  text: "core "+ sub_type+ " "+sub_type_parameter,
                                  style: {
                                      color: '#89A54E'

                            lineWidth: 1,
                            lineColor: '#08F'


                            name: "core "+sub_type+" "+sub_type_parameter,
                            tooltip: {
                                valueSuffix: ' q    %'

                    console.log("returning from cpu")

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did you found any solution ? I'm also having same issue, points are added sometimes, but most times blank candles appear. jsfiddle.net/nitincool4urchat/3v61f8v7/12 –  coding_idiot Nov 12 '14 at 17:07

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Well, it's about how you are using addPoint() function:

 series.addPoint({ x: all_data[i][0],y: all_data[i][1],id: i},false,shift);

You have set redraw = false, so it won't redraw chart. Set it to true, and will work.

More about: http://api.highcharts.com/highcharts#Series.addPoint()

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hey i have set it to false intentionally, setting it to true hang my browser, reason which i figured out was there was no data to redraw and it keeps calling it. i am checking data after each ajax request, it is empty list. kindly help. –  user2505416 Aug 1 '13 at 14:33
Right, so why did you disabled redraw() ? Here: //chart.redraw(); Can I see it 'live'? –  Paweł Fus Aug 1 '13 at 15:30
hi i have disabled to check if data is added to chart or not, if i enable it , browser get hanged. here is my full code. link i am stuck on this for quite a long time. please help its quite urgent. i am not able to figure out the reason for series.addpont() not working. –  user2505416 Aug 2 '13 at 9:38
Putting this code into not working jsFiddle isn't helpful.. I mean live site or something similar. –  Paweł Fus Aug 2 '13 at 10:23
i can not put live link as i am working on localhost. there are few files which are included locally at the moment. can you please tell me the reason for addpoint not adding point. i have seen series object, it has xdata and ydata processed. but there is nothing in data[] field. and also isDirt:true and isDirtydata:true are set, while in other series these two filed are set to false. what is the reason for isDirty field. do i need to check my logic or do i have some issue with highchart things ? –  user2505416 Aug 2 '13 at 10:32

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