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So I have 2 methods in 1 hub:

public class ChatHub : Hub
    public void SendMessage(string name, string message)
        Clients.All.AddMessage(name, message);

    public void SendAnnounce(string name)

How do you properly use 2 methods together in 1 hub in client side javascript?

I have this in javascript,

for SendMessage(string name, string message) hub method:

            var message = $("#txtMessage").val();
            var userid = $("#lblUsername").html();
            chat.client.addMessage = function (frm, msg) {
                $messages.append("[" + frm + "] " + msg);


            chat.server.sendMessage(userid, input);

for SendAnnounce(string name) hub method:

            chat.client.addMessage = function (frm) {


            var userid = $("#txtUsername").val();

But it doesn't work(server just uses the last method in my case announcement one).
It works only if I make 2 hubs and put each method in different hubs, then create different variables for each hub like this:

                //Create Hub on Air
            var chat = $.connection.chatHub;
            var chat2 = $.connection.announcementHub;

then work with 1 method with "chat" variable and with second method with "chat2" variable.. Then it works. Like this:

            chat.client.addMessage = function (frm, msg) {
                $messages.append("[" + frm + "] " + msg);
            chat2.client.addMessage = function (frm) {
                $announcement.append("<div> test</div>");

What do I not understand?

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Good Question. But sorry i don't big level knowledge in signalR – user1193035 Jul 31 '13 at 16:03
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In JavaScript you can't really have method overloads. What you are doing is first declaring addMessage to be a function with two parameters and then overwrite that with a function with one parameter. So the last one is being used

Either use methods that are named differently, e.g. addMessage and addAnnouncement or use a single method and check if second parameter is defined. If it is not then it is an announcement.

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that's it man. thank you. will accept answer in 5 min. – Amel Salibasic Jul 31 '13 at 16:04

I actually got This working! calling two methods in one isntance. What i dont understand is why your creating two live connections? you will only ever need one.

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