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I have a stored procedure that I need to convert to a standard query. Since I'm using SQL Server Compact, no stored procedures.

Here is my stored procedure:

declare @colu nvarchar (max) , @hour int
set @hour = DATEPART(HH, GETDATE() )
select @hour
select @colu = 

case when @hour=24
then '[12:00AM(00:00)]'  
enter code here
when @hour >12 and @hour <24
then '['+ convert(varchar,@hour-12) +':00PM('+ convert(nvarchar ,@hour) +':00)]'
when @hour=12
then '[12:00PM(12:00)]'
when @hour <12 and @hour >9
then '['+convert(nvarchar ,@hour) +':00AM('+ convert(nvarchar ,@hour) +':00)]'
else '['+convert(nvarchar ,@hour) +':00AM(0'+ convert(nvarchar ,@hour) +':00)]'

select @colu
declare @sql nvarchar(max)
set @sql= 'select ID,'''+ @colu + ''' as time from table'  -- add quote here
select @sql
exec sp_executesql @sql

Like I say, I'm kind of stumped here. Any ideas?

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99% of that is just building the @colu string which you can do in your development language as it looks like a basic transform based on the current date? – Alex K. Jul 31 '13 at 16:04
It would be very helpful to tell us what you are trying to accomplish, not just what technique you have decided to use. Especially since your exec will throw the result away and not do anything with it. – Dour High Arch Jul 31 '13 at 17:26
It's ok, I was able to make it work using C# Code to do the calculations of what time of day it is. I can post that code if it would be helpful to others. – bbcompent1 Aug 1 '13 at 13:20
If you found an answer, please post it below. After a day or so you can accept your own answer, plus get a shiny new SO badge. – Dour High Arch Aug 1 '13 at 15:56
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Here is the code that I used to determine the time value and dynamically specify the column name:

            float basalrate = 0;
        DateTime HourVal = Convert.ToDateTime(PumpEditTime);
        if (HourVal == null)
            HourVal = DateTime.Now;
        int hourval = HourVal.Hour;
        int ampmhour = Convert.ToInt32(HourVal.ToString("hh"));
        string hourampm = string.Empty;

        if (hourval == Convert.ToInt32("24"))
            hourampm = "[12:00AM(00:00)]";
        else if ((hourval > 12) && (hourval < 24))
            hourampm = "[" + ampmhour + ":00PM(" + hourval + ":00)]";
        else if (hourval == 12)
            hourampm = "[12:00PM(12:00)]";
        else if ((hourval < 12) && (hourval > 9))
            hourampm = "[" + ampmhour + ":00AM(" + hourval + ":00)]";
            hourampm = "[" + ampmhour + ":00AM(0" + hourval + ":00)]";
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