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I want to pop up a window directly beneath the current line (the line with the insertion cursor) in a RichTextCtrl. Is there a way to get the screen coordinate of a specific character or line in the control? There doesn't seem to be, but that's such a glaring omission I figure I must be missing something.

I have lines of varying height so I can't just figure out the line, multiply by line height, and then figure out the offset from the top of the window. What are my options, or am I simply out of luck?

FWIW, I'm using python 2.5 and wxPython (and no ability to upgrade at the moment).

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Could you try to test with this function?


when I just try that, Its return tuple with probably x, y locations of cursor, in pixel(probably)

Let me know if there is any issue with that.

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Thank you, that solved my problem. Combined with self.GetScreenPosition() and caret.GetSize() I'm able to compute the baseline of current line. – Bryan Oakley Nov 30 '09 at 14:56

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