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I installed resently Xcode 5 with iOS 7 SDK on my Mac OS 10.8. the problem is i can't any more run my iOS app from Xcode 4.6, here's the errors: - when I run the app from Xcode, after build I have this message: "can't find the existing path [ path]" and the file exist in the specified path. - when I generate the ipa and install it by iTune I have this message: "not supported device".

my app works fine before installing the new Xcode (5 + iOS 7 SDK) any one have a solution?



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Easy solution!

Xcode 5 like any previous change some formats. To my knowledge the most common issues are: 1. changing the Xib/Storyboard file, You can check my answer here for solution: How do I fix a project opened in xcode5 dp3 by accident?

  1. It can change the framework path format (you should get an error when compiling), To solve this check my answer here: sentestingkit/sentestingkit.h' file not found on Xcode 4.6.x

If those both doesn't work for you please add more details and I would love to help.

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