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I try to change the default SonarQube server value in SonarQube Eclipse plugin (v3.2)...

Using the pluginCustomization process (argument -pluginCustomization myPrefs.ini in eclipse.ini file), I add the same value as result of eclipse preferences export :

    # SonarQube default configuration server

But after workspace creation, the default value is always http://localhost:9000

This is a bug ? or there is a best common way to do that ?

Thanks for the tips.

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Hey, welcome to StackOverflow. FYI: You can put stuff like pluginCustomization and http://localhost:9000 between backticks if you'd like it to show up as code. – Dr. Johnny Mohawk Jul 31 '13 at 16:32
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24/09/2015 Update : Fixed with SonarQube Eclipse plugin v3.5 (see SONARCLIPS-428).

It is not the answer but a trick ... if you consider :

  • Having your own plugin with some IStartup process in the Eclipse distribution
  • You are using a proxy with the same credentials as SonarQube

This code could help you in an earlyStartup() method :

// Plugin dependencies : org.sonar.ide.eclipse.core,

// Write a process to do this code once (IEclipsePreferences use)
// ...

String userName = null;
String password = null;

// Get first login/password defined in eclipse proxy configuration
BundleContext bc = Activator.getDefault().getBundle().getBundleContext();
ServiceReference<?> serviceReference = bc.getServiceReference(IProxyService.class.getName());
IProxyService proxyService = (IProxyService) bc.getService(serviceReference);
if (proxyService.getProxyData() != null) {
    for (IProxyData pd : proxyService.getProxyData()) {
        if (StringUtils.isNotBlank(pd.getUserId()) && StringUtils.isNotBlank(pd.getPassword())) {
            userName = pd.getUserId();
            password = pd.getPassword();

// Configure SonarQube with url and proxy user/password if exist
SonarCorePlugin.getServersManager().addServer("", userName, password);

// Store process done in preferences
// ...
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Patch / Pull request submited on sonar-eclipse : github link – Alix Lourme Nov 21 '13 at 19:21

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