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Context: I'm developing a website for a conference happening early next year. I'm using tito.io to process registrations and Github Pages to host the website.

At the moment, users register by visiting https://tito.io/maine-civic-hack-day/maine-civic-hack-day-2013. I'd like to clean that up, and point them to http://mainecivichackday.com/register instead.

I've read about 301, 302, and masked redirects, but as far as I've seen so far, those are applicable to subdomains. For instance, I can make this work with register.mainecivichackday.com, but not with mainecivichackday.com/register.

What are my options?

TLDR: how do I point a.com/b to c.com?

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You can set up a redirect on the a.com/b page to b.com/a but the user will see that they were redirected to.

If you want it to show as a clean url to the user, the webserver at tito.io will have to be configured to answer to your desired url such as http://register.mainecivichackday.com

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