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I'm using the lastest version of infinite-scroll (by paulirish). Everything is work fine, but there is very strange issue, actually I don't know this is an issue or not.

Well, let's imagine: You've a forum, and you're using infinite scroll in a thread with about 20 pages. You can load smoothly about 8 pages. But after that, it's impossible to load full css (the background image in css) for the 9th page.

You can see a screenshot here : http://photo.luyencong.net/images/infinitesc.png
Do you meet this issue or any issue like this before? Please give me some advices, thanks a lots.

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You are scrolling the background image as your scroll down. Fix the background image:



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Hi, my background image is repeat as lenght of the content. You can see this link luyencong.net/bb/thread-43.html. –  LCTG Jul 31 '13 at 17:47

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