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I am trying to use Gallio (v3.1)/MbUnit/NCover to run a unit test in my C# code, as part of the build process for my continuous integration system.

I can get Gallio.Echo.exe to execute the tests and output an XML file (albeit it does seem to be checking all .dll files in the folder == approx. 6.5MB .xml file!!), but when I try to get NCover to link in also, it goes bang.

THEN: I tried to use the NAnt task using instructions from here, such as:

<gallio result-property="testrunner.exit-code"   
				<runner-property value="NCoverArguments='//q //ea CoverageExcludeAttribute //a MyTestProject.dll'" />   
				<runner-property value="NCoverCoverageFile='coverage-MyTestProject.xml'" />
					<include name="bin/debug" />  

but I get the following error on my command-line:

Element Required! There must be a least one 'files' element for <gallio ... />.

I have tried to specify the .dll file that I'd like to check, but it still comes up with this message. Any suggestions are most appreciated!

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it's <files> instead of <assemblies> now: code.google.com/p/mb-unit/source/browse/trunk/v3/src/Extensions/… –  Mauricio Scheffer Nov 25 '09 at 20:55
Marvellous! If you add the comment as an answer instead, I'll make it the 'winner', so to speak. –  Brett Rigby Nov 27 '09 at 8:51

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<assemblies> has been changed to <files>

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