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In libxml2 help I found that:

xpathEval(self, expr)
      # Selecting nodes using XPath, a bit slow because the context
      # is allocated/freed every time but convenient.

xpathEval2(self, expr)

It is confusing that xpathEval2 doesn't include further comment. What is the difference among them?

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In my version there is no difference, look at the python code:

    def xpathEval2(self, expr):
      return self.xpathEval(expr)

But there's a section commented out which shows that the method was intended for speeding up parsing, though had some memory leaks:

#    # Selecting nodes using XPath, faster because the context
#    # is allocated just once per xmlDoc.
#    #
#    # Removed: DV memleaks c.f. #126735

check your implementation for more accurate info.

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Thank you so much @estani :) –  comepradz Apr 18 '14 at 17:22

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