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I have three divs,

I want to fadeIn newDivforWraping1 div and fade out #newDivforWraping5,#newDivforWraping9

and after that fade out newDivforWraping1,#newDivforWraping9
and fadein #newDivforWraping5 and finally fadeIn#newDivforWraping9`

and fadeOut #newDivforWraping1,#newDivforWraping9.

At any point on screen, I have only div seen.

that is

<div1>--fade In
<div2>--fade Out
<div3>--fade Out

<div2>--fade In
<div3>--fade Out
<div1>--fade Out

<div3>--fade In
<div1>-fade Out
<div2> -- fade Out

kindly notice that whatever div appears on screen, it is on same location on screen. I have set timer using setInterval to repeat this process but when user hover mouse over it, I want it to pause (if not possible, then stop). and resume when mouse is not hovering on it. I have my code here and you could see my current partially working solution here. Thanks for helping out..

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Sounds like you are looking for some kind of carousel..? There are many to choose from. –  gibberish Jul 31 '13 at 19:23

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Try it

(function () {
var i = 1;
var timer=setInterval(function () {
    if(i>3) {i=1};
    runAnimation(i, i, i);
},1000); //increase it to 3000 if each fade in runAnimation is up to 1000 on function runAnimation

function runAnimation(a,b,g){
    c = a == 1? 'fadeIn' : 'fadeOut';
    d = b == 2? 'fadeIn' : 'fadeOut';
    h = g == 3? 'fadeIn' : 'fadeOut';

    $("#newDivforWraping1")[c](0); //if a ==1 then $("#newDivforWraping1").fadeIn(0) else $("#newDivforWraping1").fadeOut(0)

$("#newDivforWraping1,#newDivforWraping5,#newDivforWraping9").hover(function() {
}, function(){
    timer=setInterval(function () {
    if(i>3) {i=1};
    runAnimation(i, i, i);




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great! this solution works the right way I wanted. If you could explain how the function runAnimation works, it would be useful for me and others to understand. –  brain storm Jul 31 '13 at 20:10
c,d,h is the name of which function "fade" (In/Out) would be use. The problem is just rotational activating these flags a, b or g each time interval cycle. You could up the each fade to 1000 miliseconds, then you should get the timer duration up to 3000 also. If you pleased with the demo, just mark on my answer. Glad to help. –  Telvin Nguyen Jul 31 '13 at 20:14
I have voted you up and marked your answer too. can you comment what this means $("#newDivforWraping1")[c](0) ? –  brain storm Jul 31 '13 at 21:39
I've just added more comment in my answer. –  Telvin Nguyen Aug 1 '13 at 1:35

If you want to do both at the same time dont use the fadeIn/fadeOut callback for the second call. Because HJavascript runs the nex fading FX direct.

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