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In the TextBlock object you can format the text in the XAML like this:

    <Bold>bold text</Bold> random non bold next

How do you do the "Bold" tags programmatically?

I tried just putting them in the text property and it just printed them out (the tags were printed as text).

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Thanks for both the great answers. Upvoted both. Picked the one I did because it was specific to my example. –  Vaccano Nov 25 '09 at 16:42
More better solution: stackoverflow.com/questions/947614/… –  digz6666 Jun 24 '13 at 17:27

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Visual Basic Version:

Dim tb As New TextBlock

Dim b As New Bold
b.Inlines.Add(New Run("bold text"))

tb.Inlines.Add(New Run("random non bold text"))

C# Version:

TextBlock tb = new TextBlock();
var bold = new Bold(new Run("Bold Text"));

var normal = new Run("Normal Text"));
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Does anybody know a way like tb.Inlines.Clear(); tb.Inlines.Add(Parse(myXamlText)); </code> ? –  chha Dec 4 '14 at 10:27

Here is the code from the MSDN website, which I think will help (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.controls.textblock.aspx).


<TextBlock Name="textBlock1" TextWrapping="Wrap">
  <Bold>TextBlock</Bold> is designed to be <Italic>lightweight</Italic>,
  and is geared specifically at integrating <Italic>small</Italic> portions
  of flow content into a UI.
<Button Width="100" Margin="10">Click Me</Button>
<TextBlock  Name="textBlock2" 
  TextWrapping="Wrap" Background="AntiqueWhite" TextAlignment="Center"
  By default, a TextBlock provides no UI beyond simply displaying its contents.
<Button Width="100" Margin="10">Click Me</Button>


TextBlock textBlock1 = new TextBlock();
TextBlock textBlock2 = new TextBlock();

textBlock1.TextWrapping = textBlock2.TextWrapping = TextWrapping.Wrap;
textBlock2.Background = Brushes.AntiqueWhite;
textBlock2.TextAlignment = TextAlignment.Center;

textBlock1.Inlines.Add(new Bold(new Run("TextBlock")));
textBlock1.Inlines.Add(new Run(" is designed to be "));
textBlock1.Inlines.Add(new Italic(new Run("lightweight")));
textBlock1.Inlines.Add(new Run(", and is geared specifically at integrating "));
textBlock1.Inlines.Add(new Italic(new Run("small")));
textBlock1.Inlines.Add(new Run(" portions of flow content into a UI."));

textBlock2.Text =
    "By default, a TextBlock provides no UI beyond simply displaying its contents.";
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