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is it possible to create an Android Virtual Device with Maven? Because right now one has to create an AVD manually before running the maven build with instrumentation tests.

I searched the web, but could find any information. The android-maven-plugin isn't able to do it.

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Short answer is YES, anything scriptable is mavenable, check out Managing AVDs from the Command Line. –  yorkw Aug 1 '13 at 2:15

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Thanks to yorkw, I found a solution.


  • The ant task works only for windows, but could easily be adjusted for other OS.
  • The chosen Android target is important, because some targets require user interaction to create an AVD:

Managing AVDs from the Command Line: "If the target you selected was a standard Android system image ("Type: platform"), the android tool next asks you whether you want to create a custom hardware profile."


                    <exec executable="cmd.exe">
                        <arg value='/c ${env.ANDROID_HOME}\tools\android create avd --name myDefaultAVD --target "Google Inc.:Google APIs:10" --force'/>
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