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I'm using VB.NET 2010 how to get all data from series on a chart into an array or a textbox or a table?

I'm using this code to plot the graph:

serie1.Points.AddXY(Val(Label4.Text), Val(Label5.Text))

I just need to read that values from the serie1.


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You could store the values in a list while you are adding it to the series or if you really want to access it after adding to the series you could do the following.

using System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.Charting;
DataPoint[] arr = series.Points.ToArray<DataPoint>();


List<DataPoint> lst = series.Points.ToList<DataPoint>();

and then you can access the X and Y values using a foreach loop

foreach(var pt in lst)
   pt.XValue  // access Xvalue like this
   pt.YValue  // access Yvalue like this
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