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I'm just starting out in PDFlib, and the manual (for PDFlib 8) says to get the scope ...

You can query the current scope with the scope parameter.

But I have no idea how to get at that parameter, and internet searches are getting me nowhere because "get scope" is everywhere.

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I currently use the following construct in PHP:

PDF_get_string($p, PDF_get_option($p, 'scope', ''), '')

Explanation: PDF_get_option gets the current scope as an integer, and then PDF_get_string resolves that integer to a nice string. This return something like "template" or "page".

If you use PDFLib object oriented, the code is probably something like this:

$p.get_string($p.get_option('scope', ''), '');

And it should be easy enough to adapt it to Java.

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There may be a better way, but I found that this seems to work...

myPDF.get_parameter('scope', 0)
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